Urinating In Dream Meaning | How to Stop Bedwetting

How To Stop Urinating in Dream [ How to Stop Bedwetting ]

As an adult constant urinating in a dream can represent harmful changes in the body, depending on the circumstances. Many dreambooks address this subject and, in explaining why we dream about urinating, exhibit surprising unanimity at times.
A dream, in general, denotes the release of stored aggressiveness and the preparation for a new stage of human development.
Urine in a dream represents a fiery, demonic start. Its extra energy raises energy levels to the point that activity becomes fury. In a dream, peeing with relief represents freedom from dark thoughts and bitterness. Internal cleansing prepares a person for a higher plane of existence, one of affluence and goodness.


What Is Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)?
Nocturnal enuresis is a condition in which youngsters urinate without control while sleeping. It’s also referred to as bedwetting.

By the age of four, most children can manage their bladder both during the day and at night. Around 10% of youngsters between the ages of 6 and 7 still have “accidents” throughout the day or night. It’s worth checking into if a youngster over the age of 7 has bladder control issues while sleeping. Your doctor may be able to assist you.

More than 5 million youngsters in the United States suffer with nocturnal enuresis. It affects somewhat more boys than girls. For children, parents, and health care practitioners, this is a difficult situation. As youngsters spend more nights away from home (at friends’ houses, for example),

Dream about difficult, painful urination:

Dream of urinating in a bucket or pot

…if a person witnessed himself urinating in a bucket or pot while dreaming, it implies he is in deep danger.
If the dreamer urinates in the toilet, a new high position is forecast for him. A love date might be predicted by a dream of urinating in the toilet.

Dream of Urinating on someone|| Dream of Being urinated on by someone else.

…if the dreamer was urinating on another person in a dream, it results from the desire to humiliate him in real life. In reality it will result in a fierce quarrel, confrontation with a person whom the dreamer perceives as an opponent.
If the dreamer was urinated on by someone it signify defeat, disgrace.

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