Coinbase Affiliate Program Review: Best Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Affiliate Program 2022

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Blockchain affiliate programs

Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Coinbase affiliate program.

Coinbase, as seen in other cryptocurrency exchanges, uses affiliate marketing to drive in more users and customers. 

So, if you are looking to make money online from your cryptocurrency blog or YouTube channel, coinbase has an affiliate program you can profit from.

In this coinbase affiliate program review, we will discuss the cookie duration, commission rate and how to make money from the affiliate program. 

What is Coinbase? 

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam.

The San Francisco based company offers easy, secured and crypto transactions and other digital finance services.

It secures cash on FDIC-secured accounts, lets you securely connect and trade crypto via your bank account.

Coinbase  has over 100 million verified users raking in $7.8 billion in net revenue.

All the apps transactions can take place directly on phone and PC. So, it’s quite very accessible. 

So, if you are looking for one of the best crypto markets to join, coinbase is one, especially if you are based in the US, Canada and Europe. 

In addition, coinbase has another fraction known as coinbase pro. It’s for the top traders on the platform. 

All in all, coinbase can not be overlooked amongst the list of top crypto currency exchanges. 

Does Coinbase Have an Affiliate program? 

Yes, coinbase has an affiliate program, which is not just a marketing strategy for them but a very smart way for affiliates to make money. 

You can join coinbase as an affiliate and earn commission on transactions made by your referrals. 

How Does Coinbase Affiliate Program Work?

Coinbase affiliate program is a commission per acquisition affiliate program. 

It’s not like most Finance platforms, where you earn commission for each referrall sign up.

However, you will earn commission on every cryptocurrency trading your referrals make within the first 3 months. 

The affiliate program would have been more like Robinhood affiliate program, except for the fact that affiliates don’t earn on referrals. But they both offer commissions on transaction program.

Similarly, the affiliate program has a landing page and is hosted by Impact. 

So, Impact would provide all sign up and promotional information. 

However, you need to have a website that heeds to the primary rule of every affiliate program – content optimized website and inappropriate contents must be filtered off.

What Do Affiliate Promote in the Coinbase Affiliate Program

In the coinbase affiliate program, affiliate refer crypto enthusiasts to join coinbase. 

Also, affiliate continue to enlighten their referrals so that they can make cryptocurrency transaction on coinbase, at least for the first 3 months. 

So, this is primarily what you’d be promoting on coinbase.

Coinbase Affiliate Program Commission?

In the Coinbase affiliate program, affiliates earn 50% commission on the first 3 months trading fee of their referrals. 

Coinbase takes their fees from each trading their users do. So, if it’s a referral from any affiliates,  you can always earn 50% of the trading fee in the first 3 months. 

Regardless, here is what coinbase trading fee looks like: 

Assuming the fee coinbase earns on the first 3 months transaction of your referrals piled up to $40. You will earn 20$ as your commission rate, signifying the 50% we discussed earlier. 

Fair! If you are able to convince your referrals to make lots of transactions within that period, you can always take your 50% commission.

Coinbase Affiliate Program Cookie Duration?

The coinbase affiliate program cookie duration is 30 days. 

That is you still have 30 days to convince your users to join coinbase and start making several transactions. 

So, if they sign up and make a transaction within 30 days, it would be attributed to you.

However, if they should sign up on Coinbase after 30 days of clicking your affiliate link, it would not be attributed to you. 

Do you understand what the basic meaning of cookie duration means?

Cookies are a set of data packets which are stored in browsers and used for monitoring targeted activities in the browser. 

Hence, if your referral should click in your affiliate link and land on coinbase,  cookies would be stored in their browser.

The cookie would monitor and track all through to the next 30 days in which the cookie will be active. 

So, if they sign up and make a transaction, it will be tracked back to you and recorded.  

How to Sign up to Coinbase Affiliate Program?

You can sign up directly from coinbase home page, although you’d be redirected to Impact radius eventually. 

Here are the steps involved in signing up:

  1. Go to the coinbase affiliate page
  2. Click on Become an Affiliate.
  3. Fill in the sign up form with the following:
  • Your email
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Website URL
  • Payment information

Within 2 days, you should receive an email signifying whether you are approved or not. 

How to Make Money With Coinbase

Even though you can make money in virtually all affiliate programs without a website, I think you should get one. 

Having a website around the niche of an affiliate program is a prerequisite for success.

So, if you are keen to make money from the coinbase affiliate program, you should join as an affiliate marketer. 

After building your website, follow the best strategy to drive traffic to your site -SEO, Paid ads etc. And then add coinbase links to your website pages. 

Similarly, if you are using a Youtube channel, at least grown to massive customers and views, you can always add coinbase affiliate links below. 

 What else? 

Social media and forums that have an audience around cryptocurrency and crypto currency trading can be another source of getting leads to coinbase and earning your money.   

Can You Make $1000 Monthly From Coinbase Affiliate Program? Is It Worth Trying?

Yeah, you can make $1000 from coinbase affiliate program. 

You just need to work on your traffic and how you convince your audience to make transactions using coinbase.  

  $1000 is realistic monthly with the coinbase affiliate program. 

Pros and Cons of Coinbase Affiliate Program


  • Coinbase is one of the most recognised brands to carry out cryptocurrency transactions. So, it would be easier to promote what people already know about.
  •  The commission rate is very high, though limited to 3 months alone. 
  • The 30 days cookie duration is the standard for most traditional affiliate programs.


  • The commission rate is limited to only 3 months.
  • Cryptocurrency is not listed amongst the payment methods even though coinbase is a cryptocurrency brand. 

Alternatives to Coinbase affiliate Program

There are several high paying affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency niche. So, it’s quite not difficult to find one. 

In fact, most of them are high paying, while some continue to pay percentages on every transaction your referral does for life. 

You can check out:

  • Binance affiliate program
  • Coinbase affiliate program
  • Kucoin affiliate program
  • ByBit affiliate program
  • CoinLedger affiliate program
  • sign up program
  • Kraken affiliate program etc.

Wrapping Up

Let’s end this coinbase affiliate program review on this note.

The conditions available in the affiliate program are designed to be a pass for affiliates. 

However, it’s not all rosy and if you are looking for a better alternative, do not forget to check out our detailed reviews for high paying crypto affiliate programs

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