Dream about a hotel [ Meaning & Interpretations ]

Dream about a hotel

Hotels and motels are transient places of residence. Therefore in dreams, they are a representation of the transition between a situation and path in life to another one.

Such dreams may reflect your desires in life. You want a luxurious carefree life but in reality, you are unable to have it. There may be something going on in your real life. You may be in a financial crisis and unable to solve it.

You are not prepared to face the harsh reality and do not know how to solve this problem. You are trying to escape reality through this dream. As you are not happy in real life, you are searching for peace and satisfaction through your dreams. 

What does it mean to dream about a hotel?

According to many dream books, to see a hotel in a dream is a good sign. As interpreters state, the dreamer will have some interesting travels and unforgettable impressions. But this is not the only meaning of dreams about hotels.

Having dreamed of an attractive and clean hotel, according to Miller’s dreambook, is a harbinger of bright incidents associated with a change of scenery or an exciting trip.

The 1920s dream dictionary meanings associated with hotels

  • To dream of a fine hotel symbolizes wealth is on the cards
  • To dream of a tall hotel suggests people will respect you
  • To dream that you own a hotel indicates that luck will come your way.
  • To dream of trying to find a hotel in your dream suggests that you are about to be confused
  • To work in a hotel featured in your dream suggests a job opportunity is about to present itself to you

 Dream about luxury / 5 star hotel

Dreaming about a luxurious hotel means you are going to have some challenging experiences soon. You may face some complicated situations in your personal life or your professional life.

You may have to make some complicated decisions soon and you need to be very careful and prepared for anything. You should think about every consequence before making the final choice. 

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