Robinhood Affiliate Program : Make $1000 Monthly [High Paying Stock, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Affiliate Program]

Robinhood Affiliate Program

From Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad,   Robinhood was a romantic Hero who robbed from the rich and gave it to the poor. 

How cool. 

But a company has just transformed the idea behind Robin Hood into a trusted financial service company. 

This company helps to manage stocks, money, personal finance and company. 

And they are replicating the same gracious character as Robinhood but not in an illegal way. 

Robinhood Markets Inc, Over the course of their business, must have observed that a smart way to improve their brand recognition and get more customers is Affiliate marketing.  

Hence as a blogger, YouTuber or influencer in the Cryptocurrency and personal finance niche, you can make money from Robinhood affiliate program, promoting their financial services. 

Is it that simple? 

I wouldn’t say so because there is still a lot to learn about the affiliate program. 

So, you have to at least read up till the end of the detailed review to know about the commission rate, cookie duration and how to make money from Robinhood affiliate program. 

Ready? Go. 

What is Robinhood? 

Robinhood is a US company that offers financial services. The company was established by two Stanford Financial experts,Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, to solve investments, saving and financing problem. 

The finance brokerage company is built on the basis of “the redistribution of wealth such that 99% of the poor are entitled to something from the wealth.”

Interestingly, Robinhood, of most finance companies, offer commission free investments…

Whether it is Cryptocurrency, Gold, Stock or the traditional exchange market, you can always invest with Robinhood.

Similarly, you don’t need a minimum amount of money to start business with Robinhood. 

What else?

All your transactions can be done directly from Robinhood mobile app which is available on Playstore and Google App store.  So, it’s not really a big process.

Now to the big question.

Does Robinhood Have an Affiliate program? 

Fortunately, Robinhood has an affiliate program

This can serve as another  earning mode for bloggers and YouTubers in the personal finance and investing niche. 

How Does Robinhood Affiliate Program Work?

Robinhood affiliate program is a cost per acquisition affiliate program. 

Hence, affiliate earn on sign up action and first time account funding thet take place by your referral. 

First of all, we should commend Robinhood because they, like most finance affiliate programs, would have adopted referral marketing alone, instead of CPA marketing. 

Indeed, they are working towards sharing the undermining wealth, they’d have built from customers account funding, with affiliates.

Similarly, the affiliate program is one of the few that pay on a daily basis. 

I’m not done yet, buddy. 

See, the affiliate program is hosted on impact, a very reliable affiliate network. 

But then, if you are looking to sign up, Robinhood has an affiliate page, similar to the GoDaddy affiliate program, which you are going to sign up from.  

What Products Would Affiliates Promote on Robinhood?

Robinhood holds one of the largest markets for investors and brokers. 

So, if you are promoting anything, it would be things worth people’s money, at least enough to multiply money. 

In short, Robinhood products are:

  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Options
  • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

Furthermore, you should also try and move your referrals to the point where they would find their accounts. 

At least, that would leave a trace for you to earn more from their instant accounts trading.

Robinhood Affiliate Program Commission?

The commission rate of the Robinhood affiliate program can be divided into two. 

Firstly, If your referral should sign up to Robinhood, you win a $5 commission per new user.

Likewise, if your referral should fund their account with $100,000, you will earn $20 -this might vary if the amount deposited is not up to or more than that amount.  

This is so good. An affiliate program offers what you have probably been looking for. 

Similarly, Robinhood gives the free stock to affiliates and referrals as incentives for their belief in their brokerage portal.

Over time, you can accumulate the stock and later sit for higher returns.  

It’s tempting. However, the likes of Keap, though just a Business CRM, offer a $25 commission rate per referral sign-up. 

Robinhood affiliate program has a cookie duration of 30 days. 

Hence, after your referrals have clicked your link, they must sign up within the first 30 days, for you to earn your commission. 

30 days cookie duration is the standard affiliate program seen in the Ulta affiliate program huh. 

Hold on! Did I just hear you say what cookie duration means? 

 Ok, let’s run through it. 

A cookie is a set of data packets that settle in browsers and are used for monitoring the action of a particular person on a website. 

Hence, when your referrals visit the Robinhood website, they would be asked to accept cookies. 

After accepting cookies your referral’s actions on the Robinhood website would be monitored and recorded. 

However, this would only be active within the 30 days, stated as the cookie duration. 

This must be simplified now.

How to Sign up for Robinhood Affiliate Program?

As explained earlier, Impact Radius manage all the process in the affiliate program. 

Regardless, here is how to sign up for the Robinhood affiliate program.

  1. Go to the affiliate page on the Robinhood website. 
  2. Click on Apply now. 
  3. You will land on the Impact page where you must fill in your information and promotional methods.
  4. After clicking on the signup button, wait for the next two or three days to get your email, whether you were approved or not. 

How to Make Money With Robinhood

How can you promote Godaddy? You can promote Godaddy on your niche website, blog, YouTube channel and social media pages. 

Robinhood offers brokerage, investing and financial services.

Hence, your target audience would be anyone willing to invest their money. 

To promote to these people, you will likely need a finance niche website, YouTube channel or social media. 

The sub-niches you can focus on to promote Robinhood products are:

  • Crypto currency niche.
  • Saving and investing
  • General personal finance
  • Brokerage market
  • Traditional stock market etc.

Once traffic starts rolling in, you can write buying intent articles around Robinhood and then find a way to input your affiliate links organically.

For instance, articles such as:

  • Best online stock market 2022
  • Where to invest in Bitcoin 

These are top-notch articles that will not only inform your reader but also push them to make buying decisions. 

Similarly, once your Youtube channel starts gaining traction, and growing in views and subscribers, you can create buying intents videos around RobinHood. Videos with topics, like the instance I sighted earlier, are buying intents articles.

Similarly, email marketing is another dimension you can use to promote financial services to your audience. 

At first, you should build your blog to one with worthy authority. Then set up an email marketing system, usually using a Lead Gen to build your email list. 

Over time, you send compelling and persuasive emails to your subscribers about what Godaddy offers.

Social media? It works too. 

Can You Make $1000 Monthly From Robinhood Affiliate Program? Is It Worth Trying?

Yes, you can make $1000 from the Robinhood affiliate program monthly. 

But it wouldn’t be that easy. 

Looking at the $5 sign-up commission alone, you will need 200 signs up to make $1000 from the affiliate program. 

Can you make 200 sales in a month?

That is achievable if you have a lot of audiences ready and willing to invest their money in stock, cryptocurrency, ETF etc. 

Similarly, the fact that the Robinhood affiliate program can be promoted on all platforms, means that it is easy to get referrals. 

Also, the commission rate is one in support of a higher conversion rate. That is, have additional 30 days to convince your leads to either sign up or fund their account on the platform.

Pros and Cons of Robinhood Affiliate Program


  • 2 Way Method Earning: Robinhood offers a referral and CPA kind of affiliate program, which are two different things, but very profitable. 
  • Low threshold: You are due for payment once you reach $50 and the locking and invoice periods have passed.
  • Good support: Robinhood has one of the best dedicated support teams for its affiliates. 
  • Trusted company: Robinhood is one of the most reliable and trusted brokerage companies in the US. 
  • Stock rewards: Apart from commission, affiliates are also open to earning stocks as rewards. 


  • Low commission rate: Sincerely, a $5 commission is too small. Not to talk of the unrealistic $20 affiliate will earn on a deposit of $100,000. 
  • Policy: Your website must have realistic traffic before you can be approved into the affiliate program. 

Wrapping Up

Robinhood affiliate program is a great one. 

It’s really good seeing every top company devising a structure for affiliate marketing, at least to improve their recognition.

Why not read our full list of high-paying affiliate programs?  It’s informative and inciting.  

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